General Information

LAA Online Collaborative Program admission requirements

Students should have completed Grade 12 or equivalent, or qualify as a mature student. Some institutions have a Grade 10 prerequisite.

For admissions enquiries, please visit the Participating Institutions page and contact the institution of your choice which will become your Home Institution.

Use the Courses tab to:

  • view entire course outlines for the ABT Online Collaborative Program, see the Course Outlines section of this site.
  • view the ABT online collaborative textbook list. Note that textbooks are agreed to by the online collaborative program as a whole and may differ from institutional textbook listings.
  • view the ABT Equivalency Guide for information on articulation and transfer credit of courses.

LAA Online Collaborative Program fees and expenses

For details on fees and expenses, consult the website of the institution that offers the course in which you are interested.

LAA Online Collaborative Program graduation requirements

  • While not all post-secondary institutions require that students have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0, meaning a C average, in order to graduate from the program, many require that students also complete all courses in the program. Students should consult with an advisor at their Home Institution for full requirements.
  • Many institutions require that students complete all courses within two years of starting the program.

Students who have already taken similar ABT courses should consult their Home Institution's program advisor about receiving credit for those courses.


If a student is suspected of committing plagiarism, the instructor will advise the student in writing; a copy of this letter will also be sent to the ABT Coordinator at your institution. In cases of plagiarism, the policy of the student's Home Institution prevails. For more information on this policy, visit your Home Institution's website or contact your ABT Coordinator. If plagiarism occurs or is suspected, the instructor will advise you in writing; a copy of this letter will also be sent to the Coordinator at your college.

Withdrawing or dropping courses

It is very important that you understand how the following terms apply to your Home Institution.

If you wish to drop or withdraw from a course, first contact the ABT Coordinator at your Home Institution to determine the drop date and withdrawal policy for your school.

Software requirements for all ABT courses

  • For courses that are software related (i.e. Word Processing, Computerized Accounting, Spreadsheets) the required software will be specified. Students must have the correct version of the software (i.e. Word, Excel) for these courses. Please refer to the most recent course outlines for the specific software version.
  • For courses that are not software related, students are advised that they must have a word processing software package to complete assignments and course work.

Computer and Technical requirements for all ABT courses

Listed below are the suggested minimum computer requirements to participate in the ABT Online Collaborative Program courses. Please note that these are minimum standards and that higher standards (in bold) are strongly recommended.

To access ABT online collaborative program courses, the following computer system and internet browser requirements are recommended. Note that many work environments, particularly legal and medical offices, will use PC rather than Mac computers, so the use of a PC is strongly recommended.




Internet Browser

Mozilla.Com Firefox 3.5 or higher
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0

Mozilla.Com Firefox 3.5 or higher

Operating System

Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Vista, Windows 7

Mac OS X

Mac OS9 or OSX

System Memory

1GB (Vista)
512 MB or higher (XP, Me, NT, 2000)

512MB or higher (OS X)

Internet Connection

Broadband DSL or Cable-Modem strongly recommended
56kbs dial-up modem

Broadband DSL or Cable-Modem strongly recommended
56kbs dial-up modem


Sound Card and Speakers
Also recommended: Computer headphones with microphone

Sound Card and Speakers
Also recommended: Computer headphones with microphone


1024 x 768 or higher resolution,
capable of displaying 800x600 resolution in thousands of colors

1024 x 768 or higher resolution,
capable of displaying 800 x 600 resolution in thousands of colors







Popup Blocker

set "Popup Blocker > Allowed Sites" to include:

set "Popup Blocker > Allowed Sites" to include:

The ABT Online Collaborative Program may also require the use of the following WHICH ARE NOT SUPPORTED FOR MAC:

  • Wavpedal Foot Pedal
  • Wav player software (see below for ordering details for foot pedal and software)
  • 1 available serial, or USB port for wavpedal

Where to order a foot pedal

To order a Wavpedal foot pedal contact Brad Mole ( ) by email at or by toll-free phone at 1-800-561-8106.

Following are prices quoted in Canadian dollars as of January 2008. Brad will provide a 10% discount to students. Please identify yourself as an online student in the BCcampus Legal Administrative Assistant Online Program.

IN-USB 1 infinity wav pedal $99.95 each
IN-DB9, 9 pin serial wav pedal $99.95 each
SP-USB Spectra digital headset $36.95 each (you can purchase this separately at your local computer or office supply store)
Start-Stop transcription kit $219.95 (optional - you can download freeware Express Scribe)
Delivery: $12.00
HST: 12%

Software requirements

Express Scribe is an audio playback control software that will allow you to transcribe digital recordings. It is available by download free of charge from http:/ .

Download recommended free software Express Scribe

1. Review (you may wish to print) the online tutorial (Tutorial 1) on downloading and installing Express Scribe at .

2. Go to the NCH website or follow this direct link to Express Scribe information at: .

3. We recommend that you print and read this document as it outlines features and important information about Express Scribe.

4. Scroll down to section on Download Express Scribe for Windows and follow instructions to download and setup Express Scribe on your computer.

5. Review the online tutorial (Tutorial 2) on the Basic Operations of Express Scribe at:

Connect foot pedal

Before you order your foot pedal you will need to identify whether you have a 9 pin serial or USB port available on your computer. Following are instructions for connecting and setting up the foot pedal once you have received it. (These instructions can also be found on the NCH website at .)

Professional foot pedal VEC/VPE DB9 (Serial Port) setup

1. Start computer. Windows will load

2. Open Express Scribe

3. Select File | Settings...

4. Click on Control tab

5. Check the Use Foot Pedal Playback Control option

6. Select your COM or serial port from the down list (Tip: if you are on modem dialup, it likely uses COM 2, so try COM 1 as your free port.)

7. Select number of pedals (3-Pedals refers to pedals with FWD on the left side, PLAY in the middle, and REW on the right side)

8. Click on Foot Pedal Control Setup Wizard and it will ask you to press Rewind, then Forward, and finally Play. It will prompt you as it recognizes each control

9. Check Quick tap on play pedal lock play on.

10. Now click on the Playback tab. You will want to add a value for Auto-Backstep on Stop, such as 500 ms. This value can be adjusted to suit your personal keyboarding style and speed.

11. Click OK to accept these settings.

12. You are now ready to test your foot pedal with Express Scribe. Open Express Scribe, load the Express Scribe "Welcome" file and test your foot pedal controls.

Setup and test Express Scribe

We recommend that you transcribe and key your dictation files in your word processing software rather than in the Express Scribe Typing Pad. To do this:

1. Open Express Scribe

2. Select View from menu, select Compact setting and check Float Above Other Windows.

3. The Express Scribe compact-sized window should now float over top of your word processing window. Try starting a new document in your word processor. Express Scribe should stay on top, and you can move it out of the way by dragging its title bar, or minimize it.

4. With your new document open in your word processor, use Express Scribe to load the file you need to transcribe; click in your document; position yourself for correct keying posture and comfortable foot access to the foot pedal; tap Play on the foot pedal and start keying. You will need to tap Play to stop the audio file, Rewind as necessary. Don't forget to save your file and enjoy!