• Human Relations

Hours: 30

Prerequisites: Online Learner Success, Business English, and Word Processing I


Human Relations concentrates on personal and professional development skills needed by workers in today's workplace. These skills include self-examination and assessment, development of effective communication skills, interpersonal skills, client relations, teamwork, problem solving, and an understanding of business ethics.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, you will reliably demonstrate the ability to:

  • Develop a professional image and a positive attitude for the workplace
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how interpersonal skills affect personal and professional development
  • Identify and practice team-building skills
  • Participate as a productive member of a group or team
  • Apply problem-solving techniques
  • Identify and employ conflict management techniques.
  • Explain the value and importance of maintaining standards of conduct that are appreciated and accepted in the workplace

Required Text
Human Relations for Career and Personal Success, 3rd Canadian ed. Andrew Dubrin and Terri Geerinck. Prentice Hall Canada. ISBN: 0-13-123996-1.

Course Length
This course will take approximately 30 hours to complete and is scheduled over a six-week period. Your instructor will advise you of any schedule changes for your session of the course.

Course Design/Activities
This course is divided into five units. Assigned readings, instruction, small-group experiences, group projects, and on going self-assessment are your principal learning activities.

You will be assessed on a credit/no credit basis.

Unit 1 - Success identity 17%
Unit 2 - Positive communication skills
Unit 3 - Human relations skills
Unit 4 - Team-building skills
Unit 5 - Ethical conduct in the workplace