• Course Outlines

For detailed information such as course descriptions, hours, prerequisites, textbooks, learning outcomes and course assessment, choose the course of interest from the list on the left. All courses are listed in alphabetical order.

Be aware of the following:

Course details

Course outlines listed for the ABT Online Collaborative Program contain general information for courses; specific details for individual sections of each course offered by the teaching institutions may vary slightly, so be sure to check and refer to the teaching institution's course outlines for details.

Time and location

Courses are offered by different institutions at different times throughout the year. You can take courses from most of the participating institutions in addition to your Home Institution. Courses may be taught by faculty from your Home Institution or other participating institutions. The courses are accessible online from anywhere you have a computer and internet access. If you do not have a computer or internet access, please check with your local college or university, or in your community at your local library, learning centre, etc.


Each institution may have its own blend of individual courses that make up varying certificate options, so be sure to plan to complete courses listed by your Home Institution to achieve the credential.

Online delivery

Many institutions also offer delivery of the ABT program on campus, so be sure that you are when you are at an institution's website, you look for information that is specific to the Online Collaborative Program (use 'ABT online collaborative' as your search criteria at institutional web sites).