Hours: 30

Refer to your registering institution's course outline and calendar for complete information about course prerequisites.

In addition to your registering institution's prerequisites, we strongly recommend the following courses as additional prerequisites: Online Learner Success, Successful completion of Word Processing II, 40 nwpm keyboarding speed, or permission of registering college.

Course Description
An introduction to Outlook, including hands-on training in the use of email for online communications, calendar for managing important dates and appointments, and contacts for the creation and maintenance of an address database.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Send, receive, and manage email communication
  • Manage contacts through the creation and maintenance of an address database
  • Plan tasks and schedules for managing important dates and appointments
  • Organize and manage Outlook folders
  • Integrate Outlook with other programs

Required Text/Materials
Microsoft Outlook 2013, Benchmark Series.
Denise Seguin. Paradigm Publishing, Inc., 2014. ISBN 978-0-76385-243-6.
Current version of Web Browser software, Microsoft Office Outlook 2013, Windows 7 or 8. Students will require a suitable email account for use in Outlook, contact your instructor for more information.

Course Length
Outlook will take approximately 30 hours to complete and is scheduled over a six-week period.


Assignments 50%
Quizzes 20%
Final Project 30%

Your registering institution will assign a letter grade.

Withdrawing or Dropping Courses
If you wish to either withdraw from or drop a course, contact the Program Coordinator at your registering institution. See your institution's website for add, drop, and withdrawal dates.

Refer to your registering institution's course outline for further information about plagiarism, missed tests, appeal policies, and other institutional policies.

Course Content

Week 1 - Chapters 1 and 2 Communicating and Managing Email Messages

  • Setup Outlook
  • Explore and navigate the Outlook window
  • Create and send email messages
  • Open, print, reply to, and forward messages
  • Delete messages
  • Attach files to messages
  • Use and add entries to the Address book
  • Assign message options such as flagging messages
  • Create a signature
  • Use Search techniques to find messages
  • Arrange messages and apply color categories to messages
  • Manage folders
  • Create rules to move messages
  • Understand junk email and phishing filters

Week 2 - Chapter 3 Using Calendar for Scheduling

  • Schedule appointments and events
  • Change the calendar view
  • Apply color categories to appointments
  • Format with color
  • Schedule meetings
  • Change calendar options
  • Work with more than one calendar

Week 3 - Chapter 4 Managing Contacts

  • Add and edit contacts
  • Add new contacts for existing contacts
  • Use details and all fields tabs
  • Add pictures to contacts
  • Filter contacts
  • Apply color categories to contacts
  • Find a contact using search techniques
  • Change the current view
  • Change contact options
  • Send email to contacts
  • Schedule appointments and meetings from contacts
  • Create a Contact Group

Week 4 - Chapter 5 Creating Tasks and Notes

  • Create and update tasks
  • Assign a task to someone else
  • Change the task view to create task lists
  • Change task options
  • Create and edit notes
  • Assign a color category to a note
  • Change note options
  • Change the note view
  • Assign a note to a contact and forward a note
  • Create and manage journal entries

Week 5 - Chapter 6 Customizing, Integrating, and Archiving Outlook Components

  • Specify the startup folder
  • Customize the navigation pane
  • Set email options
  • Change the mail format
  • Mark Outlook items private
  • Perform an email merge to multiple contacts
  • Create and compact an Outlook data file
  • Back up a PST file
  • Archive folders

Week 6 Final Project

  • Comprehensive final project